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About Croatia

Croatia is a state in the middle Europe, in mediterranean zone, placed between Slovenia, Hungary and  Bosnia and Herzegovina, with coast on the Adriatic sea. Total surface 87.661 km2, mainland 56.564 km2. Capital city is Zagreb. Population 4.495.248: – 90% croats, 4.5% serbs and 0.5% bosnians. Dominant religion  is chatolicism.


Before arrival of Slavs, on territory of today Croatia lived Illyrians which were conqured  by Romans in 1st century. Croats settled this region in 7th century and founded two principalities: panonska and primorska. In time of reign of croatian grand duke Branimir, Croatia was recognized first time ever by chart of pope John VIII, june 7th 879. Croats excepted chatolicism in 9th century and King Tomislav unite both croatian pricipalities, panonska and primorska in 925. in one kingdom. From that time Croatia is a mighty independent state till 1102. when it was annexed to Hungary. It stays within Hungarian empire till middle of XVI century aftre which all of  it’s regions such Slavonia, Dalmatia and Lika are conqured by Ottoman empire. Breakdown of Ottoman empire brings croatian land under of sovereignty of Austrian empire till the first world war. After first world war, Croatia becomes a member of Kingdom of Croats, Srebs and Slovenians. This kingdom lasts untill second world war when in Croatia is starting to organize one of the first anti-nazi movement. After this war Croatia is federative part, as one of six of them, in Socialistic Republic of Yugoslavia. After breakdown of Yugoslavia, Republic of Croatia is recognized, first time as sovereign state in modern, recent history.

Official  language:croatian
Capital city:Zagreb
Size:126. in the world
-total56.542 km 2
-% water surf.0.2 %
-density of popul.:
115. in the world
4, 555,000
Sovereignty:June  2nd,  1991
Currency:kuna (HRK)
Time zone:CET  (GMT+ 1) Summer  CEST (GMT+2)
National hymn:„Lijepa naša domvino“
Internet sequent:.hr
Call number:+385

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