April & May '23 - CLA Socio Cultural Activities

Speed up the development of your language skills by participating in the Socio-Cultural Activities program and have a great time while doing it. 



Apr. 26th 2023.
Lotrščak tower  visit + Walk around Upper Town + drinks

Zagreb’s Upper Town represents a charming network of little streets stretching between two hills, Kaptol and Gradec. In opposition to energetic and vivid Lower Town, the Upper Town has a special, nostalgic atmosphere which reminds us of old times. Some of city’s most important sights are located here, such as St Mark Church, Stone gate, lots of interesting museums and Tower Lotrščak, where we will see the best panoramic view over Zagreb. The tower was built in the 13th century to guard the southern gate of Gradec town. Join us in discovering this beautiful, vintage part of Zagreb! Afterwards, we will enjoy drinks in one of the sunny terraces.


May 3rd 2023.
guided museum tour + coffee chat

Novi Zagreb hides some magical places – the shiniest amongst them is definitely MSU, The Museum of Contemporary Art. Located on Dubrovnik Avenue, it is the biggest and most modern museum in Croatia. The cornerstone for the museum was laid in place in November 2003 and it was finally opened on 11 December 2009. An incredible amount of 12,000 objects (of which 600 are on permanent display) by contemporary Croatian and world artists is kept in the museum. Join us on this ride and and explore the beating heart of Croatian contemporary art. After seeing some of the current exhibitions under professional guidance, we’ll wrap up the experience with a chat at the wonderful museum café.


May 10th 2023.
short walk around the park and lakes + coffee on top of the Vidikovac

The green pearl of the city, park Maksimir is the oldest public park in Zagreb where many generations made their first steps and shared first enamored looks. Founded in 1787, the park is a habitat for various plant and animal species. Maksimir opened its gates in 1794 thanks to the initiative of a man after whom the park got its name, Bishop Maksimilijan Vrhovac. The peaceful atmosphere this place has cannot be compared to any other, so come and relax your body and mind with us! We will take a walk around some key (or maybe hidden!) places and afterwards we will enjoy drinks at the Vidikovac café where we will enjoy the view!


May 17th 2023.
interactive museum visit + healthy smoothies and a chat

Sports are a very important part of Zagreb’s culture and society. This is why a group of professional athletes decided to found a museum dedicated completely to them and to sports education of all generations, from the youngest ones to older ones. Founded in 2022, this new museum consists of sports exhibits, but the best part is that it is necessary to do – sports! The nature of this museum is interactive so we will try to compete with the best Croatian athletes! Join us in our Wednesday exercise after which we will drink delicious smoothies in one of the nearby cafés!


May 24th 2023.
A search for the planets hidden in plain sight + drinks and chat in the city center

Did you know that Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars are located in Zagreb’s town centre? No need for space travelling, because this town has it all! It all started in the 70s when Ivan Kožarić, famous Croatian sculptor, made a representation of the Sun and located it in front of the Croatian national theatre. Later, it was moved to another location and we will found out where to! After Kožarić’s effort, Davor Preis decided to construct other planets revolving around sun and we will find the ones located in the town center. Join us in this unique quest around Zagreb after which we will reward ourselves with drinks!

Who can participate in CLA Socio-Cultural Activities?

Anyone currently learning Croatian at CLA can participate free of charge.

Is everything free of charge?

Additional individual costs like admission tickets, food or drinks need to be covered by each student individually.

Do I need to sign up for an activity?

Even though student participation in the activities is free, it is mandatory that you sign up at least a day in advance.

How do I sign up?

Inform your professor if you want to participate, and they will add you to the list.

Interested in something else?

Write to us if you want us to organize a specific type of activity.


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