Enroll in the Individual Croatian language Course that offers the fastest language acquisition rate and choose between our customizable courses. 

Join individual lessons as a supplement to our group Croatian courses and take your group learning to another level or take Individual courses by themselves to experience the most tailored learning of the Croatian language.

These courses are most suited for people who:

  • have limited time available to study Croatian and want to get the most out of the time they invest
  • want to focus on mastering a specialized subject area such as business, marketing or tourism
  • are preparing to take Croatian language proficiency test, for legal, studying or other purposes
  • would like assistance preparing for business presentations, negotiations or meetings, or to develop key skills such as phone conversations, business correspondence or report writing
  • want to develop confidence in using their Croatian language knowledge and skills

About the Course

Advantages of an Individual Course

  • 1. The speed of language acquisition is 2-3 times greater in an Individual course compared to courses held in groups.
  • 2. The course schedule and intensity is completely tailored to the requests of the client, and in the case of a Flexible Course it can be additionaly modified during the course.
  • 3. Each Individual Course's program is uniqely created and tailored to the client's specific requests, needs, interests and ideal learning style, all with the goal to give best results in the shortest amount of time.

Course content

Before preparing a lesson plan for an Individual Course we start with a detailed needs analysis and a learning style analysis which then guides us in creating a unique carefully tailored course program. This ensures that during the course you maintain maximum motivation and focus on reaching your learning objectives and needs.

Key features

  • The course can start at any time during the year
  • You choose the time and the schedule
  • The course program is tailored to your needs and requests
  • This type of course is suitable for all levels from beginner to high proficiency

Course Options

All Individual courses include

  • 20 lessons (45min.) per module
  • client's needs and interest analysis
  • creation of a uniqe lesson plan tailored to client's goals
  • all printed learning materials
  • access to CLA's online learning tools and materials
  • daily homework – optional
  • ability to participate in CLA Socio-Cultural Activities program - recommended

A) Standard Individual Croatian Course

Standard Individual Croatian Course offers all the advantages of an individual course at an optimal intensity which can easily coordinated with one’s everyday obligations.

  • Course price:

    – 780,00 € – Regular Price

    – 663,00 € – Best Value Price*

    Enrollment fee
    – 100,00 €  (753,45kn)

    – Enrollment fee is used for reservation purposes
    – Enrollment fee is deducted from the overall course price
    – Enrollment fee applies to all courses
    – Enrollment fee is non refundable

    *Get the “Best Value Price” by enrolling in 2 or more two or more consecutive modules at once!

Available intensity options:

  • 2 lessons, 2 – 3 times a week

Course duration:

  • 4-5 weeks, depending on the chosen intensity

* A fixed course schedule in a Standard Individual Course is mutually agreed upon between CLA and the client before the start of the course. Scheduled lesson times cannot be changed of postponed after the course has started.

B) Flexible Individual Croatian course

Flexible Individual Croatian Course is intended for those whose daily schedule does not allow committing to a course held at a fixed time.

The main advantages of a Flexible Course above all other courses is the possibility of flexible scheduling of the lessons, and the possibility of postponing a previously arranged lesson time if something unexpected disrupts your planned schedule.

  • Course price:

    – 860,00 € – Regular Price

    – 731,00 € – Best Value Price*

    Enrollment fee
    – 100,00 €  (753,45kn)

    – Enrollment fee is used for reservation purposes
    – Enrollment fee is deducted from the overall course price
    – Enrollment fee applies to all courses
    – Enrollment fee is non refundable

    *Get the “Best Value Price” by enrolling in 2 or more two or more consecutive modules at once!

Available intensity options:

  • Minimum – 2 lessons , once a week
  • Maximum – 4 lessons, 5 times a week

Course duration:

  • 1-10 weeks, depending on the chosen  intensity

* the lessons schedule is agreed upon on a week to week basis
** lesson postponement is possible without penalty when requested 12 hours in advance

Reservations and Enrollments

Enrollments for Individual Courses are possible at any time of the year.

Once the initial assessments are made, and the desired schedule IS agreed upon the course can start usually withing a week after enrollment.

Due to the limited nature of professor and classroom availability, to get the the biggest variety of schedule options we suggest booking a course at least 4 weeks in advance!

Choose your course preferences

Time of your lessons

In a Individual Croatian Course you choose at what time you wish to have your Croatian lessons.

Lessons can be organized at any* of these times:

  • Monday – Friday: between 08:00 and 22:00
  • Saturdays: between 08:00 and 19:00**

* subject to classroom and professor availability
** all displayed times are in Zagreb time zone (CEST)

Course intensity

In an Individual Croatian Course you can choose how many times a week you want to have lessons, and how many lessons you wish to have per session, depending on your preferences.

  • Minimum – 2 lessons, once a week
  • Maximum – 4 lessons, five days a week

For best results we recommend choosing 2 lessons, three times a week!

Course location

In an Individual course you can choose where you want your lessons to be held:

  • on-site in CLA classrooms – at Trg Francuske Republike 14, Zagreb
  • online – via Zoom
  • combination of both on-site and online lessons

* For information about In-house Croatian language courses held at your company's premises please contact our Enrollment office.
** CLA Individual courses cannot be held in private homes.

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Individual Croatian Course

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Entry Visa and Temporary Stay in Croatia

If you are a foreign citizen who is required to attain an Entry Visa to enter Republic of Croatia or you need to attain a student Temporary Stay Permit, you can find all the required information here :

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