Croatian language Group courses

    Intensive Croatian Course

    The Intensive Croatian Language course is recommended for those who want to learn as much Croatian as possible in a short period of time. With 70 lessons in 5 weeks you will be able to understand and speak Croatian in a matter of months.

    – learn Croatian fast and easy!
    – 70 lessons, 4 days a week, over 5 weeks
    – individualized and conversation focused approach

    343€Learn more

    Standard Evening Croatian Course

    Standard Evening Croatian Course is an ideal fit for people with daytime commitments, people who live, work or study in Zagreb and are keen to develop their Croatian language skills twice a week.

    – learn Croatian in the afternoons! Ideal after work!
    – 60 lessons, twice a week in the afternoon, over 15 weeks
    – small and dynamic groups

    336€Learn more

    Online Croatian Course

    Online Croatian Course is is the perfect choice if want to master Croatian language from the comfort of your home or workplace in a short period of time. In just 10 weeks of online sessions held twice a week you will be able to reach a new level of Croatian language skill with ease.

    – learn Croatian from the comfort of your home
    – mini and super dynamic groups
    – reach a new level in 10 weeks

    315€Learn more

Individual Croatian language course

    Individual Croatian Course

    Individual Croatian courses offer the fastest language acquisition rate and are the most customizable choice when it comes to learning Croatian language. They can either be taken by themselves or as a supplement do CLA’s group Croatian courses.

    663€Learn more

From our students

One of the most importing things when you move to another country, is integration! Step number one to achieve it, is learning the language! Learning the Croatian language opens also the door to the Croatian culture and the contact with the locals! Step by step I learnt the basics of the Croatian language and the further I got involved with the Croatian language , the more I discovered also its hidden secrets. I have to admit, as a dutch speaker, it’s not always easy to master this slavic language. But with the professional and dedicated help of the teachers at CLA learnt to manage myself here in Zagreb and to make contact with the Croatians. During the course the teachers did also the effort no to teach only the language, but also the Croatians habits.

Natalie H. / Belgique

Nel mese di Maggio 2009 ho frequentato un corso organizzato dalla CLA, a Zagabria. Andare a lezione era divertente e motivante, perché l’insegnante dimostrandosi sempre disponibile a rispondere ad ogni nostra domanda o richiesta per sapere sempre qualcosa in più sulla lingua e sui modi di vivere croati. Abbiamo trattato un sacco di argomenti grammaticali, anche complessi, ma la cosa curiosa è che me ne sono accorta solo a lavoro finito, perché impararli è stata una cosa veramente naturale e divertente e poterli mettere in pratica nella quotidianità, al supermercato o al bar, ha aiutato notevolmente il processo di apprendimento. Mi sono resa conto dei molti passi in avanti fatti dall’inizio del corso, soprattutto della sicurezza espressiva che questo mi ha aiutato a raggiungere alla fine.

Eleonora M. / Italia

I really enjoyed my Croatian course. It was a lot of fun and very interesting. Croatian is a very difficult language but the teachers at CLA have been great, helpful and patient. I learnt basic/beginners Croatian grammar and we also worked on my Croatian conversation skills. Overall I am really satisfied with CLA. The team at CLA is very professional and the course certainly met my expectations.
Hvala CLA!

Carine C. / Australia

Me gustó mucho el curso. Fue muy agradable aprender croata, uno porque el idioma es lindo, dos porque lo necesito y tres porque el profesor y mis compañeros hicieron un ambiente agradable para estar. El croata es un idioma muy complicado, pero si tienes una persona quien sabe enseñarte, hace que todo sea más fácil y ameno de aprender. Creo que si me ha llegado lo que esperaba y sin pensármelo dos veces, los volvería a elegir.

Johanna Z. / Perú

Ich hatte schon Vorkenntnisse in der kroatischen Sprache, die ich mir überwiegend durch Selbststudium angeeignet habe. Jedoch habe ich noch einige Schwierigkeiten in Grammatik und Kommunikation. Nach einem kurzen Test zur Überprüfung meines Wissensstandes wurde ich eine Gruppe (insgesamt 5 Schüler) eingeteilt. Obwohl ich nicht von Beginn an Teil der Gruppe war ist unsere Lehrerin immer auch speziell auf meine Schwierigkeiten eingegangen. So hatte ich keine Probleme dem Unterricht zu folgen.Es hat viel Spaß gemacht in der internationalen Gruppe zu lernen. Jeder hat von den Fragen der Anderen profitiert. Gleichzeitig haben wir alle etwas über Bräuche und Sitten in den Herkunftsländern der Anderen erfahren. Der Kurs war genau das Richtige für mich.

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