Intensive Croatian Course

Join our Intensive Course of the Croatian language and learn Croatian in a matter of months.

Enroll in Croatian Language Academy’s Intensive Course which consists of 70 lessons in 5 weeks whit additional benefits and learn Croatian Language in a small group of 5 to 9 participants. Enjoy interactive conversational learning while still being able to study to your specific individual needs. 

Through additional Socio-Cultural Activities our students can practice their skills outside of the classroom and experience life in Croatia firsthand.

- September cycle '24
[ Early Bird Enrollments ]

Make a smart decision to devote this September to developing your Croatian language skills by joining CLA’s Intensive Croatian Course.
In the 4 weeks of the course you will improve your language skills as well as have a fantastic time participating in CLA’s Socio-Cultural Activities.

Course duration

  • from Sep. 2nd until Sep. 27th 2024.

Course location

  • on-site in our classrooms at Trg Francuske Republike 14, Zagreb

Available levels in this cycle

  • A1, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, B2.3

Special Promotions

  • EB

    392€ - "Early Bird Price"!

    Act Now!

    Enroll by Jul. 25th. and grab the "Early Bird Price"!

  • BVP

    343,00€ - BEST VALUE PRICE

    Save over 290€!

    Get the "Best Value Price" by enrolling in 2 or more two or more consecutive modules at once!

Reservations and Enrollment

Intensive Croatian Course

Enroll now

* DROP-IN ENROLLMENTS after the course has started are possible for non-beginner levels until the 3rd week of the Intensive course, if there are available seats.

Next enrollment cycle

NEXT CYCLE –  Intensive course – October cycle ’24

Oct. 7th– Nov. 11th
– Levels: A1, A2.1, A2.2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, B2.3
– Enroll by Sep. 14th to get the Early Bird Price!


Included in the course:

  • 60 classroom lessons + additional 10 lessons of CLA Socio-Cultural Activities program on Wednesday’s
  • all course literature is included in the course fee
  • access to CLA's online learning tools and materials
  • Croatian Language level certificate upon the completion of the course
  • Many opportunities for socializing and networking with peers
  • Option to book individual catch-up sessions if you missed a group session


  • CLA Intensive Croatian Course

    490,00 € – REGULAR PRICE

    343,00 € – BEST VALUE PRICE*

    392,00 € – EARLY BIRD PRICE**

    Enrollment fee


    – Enrollment fee is used for reservation purposes
    – Enrollment fee is deducted from the overall course price
    – Enrollment fee applies to all courses
    – Enrollment fee is non refundable

* Best Value Price is only available if you enroll in two or more consecutive modules at once
** Early Bird Price is only available if you enroll by a specific date


Course intensity:

  •  3 lessons (3×45 min.) per session
  •  4 times a week


  • Class days: Monday, Tuesday, (no Wed.), Thursday, Friday.
  • Class times:  10:00-12:30  or  14:00 – 16:30
  • Wednesdays are reserved for CLA Socio-Cultural Activites

Learning in small groups

Years of experience have taught us that the best results in group learning come when the groups are small enough to allow the professor to address each student’s specific needs, while at the same being able to reap all the benefits of interactive conversational learning in group setting. 

That is why CLA’s Intensive Croatian Course groups have:

    • a minimum of 5 participants,
    • a maximum of 9 participants.

* If the number of enrolled participants at the start of the course is under the required minimum, the group course cannot start under standard conditions. In such case CLA will offer a modified course for a smaller group with a modified number of lessons, whilst making sure that it is sufficient to achieving the required language level.

Course objectives and benefits

The contents and the structure of the course aim to:

  • Develop verbal communication skills and strategies
  • Build and enable an active use of a wide vocabulary
  • Experience the most common social situations through role play
  • Develop reading and writing skills
  • Address individual grammar and pronunciation difficulties
  • Improving listening skills
  • Build confidence and skills for participating in discussions

The additional Socio-Cultural Activities aim to give our students the chance to practice their skills outside of the classroom, meet new people, connect with existing networks in helping them to fully experience life in Croatia firsthand.

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use your Croatian language with greater confidence
  • Speak more accurately and fluently
  • Use a wider vocabulary
  • Socialize in a Croatian setting with confidence
  • Understand what you read and hear more easily

Entry Visa and Temporary Stay in Croatia

If you are a foreign citizen who is required to attain an Entry Visa to enter Republic of Croatia or you need to attain a student Temporary Stay Permit, you can find all the required information here :

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