Entry Visa and Temporary Stay

I need an ENTRY VISA to participate in a CLA Course

PLEASE NOTE that unfortunately CLA cannot and does not issue letters of guarantee or any other kind of document intended for visa application for entering Croatia.

We are a private business focused on providing language teaching services to students who are able to enter Croatia on their own. The only kind of official document we can provide is an invoice for your payment. If you are arriving from a country who’s citizens are required to attain an entry visa, the invoice will not suffice.

I can enter Croatia, but I need a longer TEMPORARY STAY PERMIT to participate in CLA's courses

The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia “MUP” (https://mup.gov.hr/en) is the governing body in charge of regulating and issuing Temporary Stay permits.

If you need to extend your temporary stay in Croatia, and you are a student at CLA, we strongly encourage you to contact MUP directly to get the most up to date information and requirements specific to your situation.

Over the years we have had many CLA students successfully acquire a Temporary Stay permit on the basis of being enrolled in our programs, but each case is specific and thus please contact MUP for details.

Upon Enrollment you will be issued an official invoice detailing the description and duration of the program you enrolled in. The invoice is an official CLA document which you then submit to MUP along with the other personal documentation they require.

While CLA does its best to stay on track with current regulations, we cannot and do not assume any liability in the Temporary Stay permit issuing process for our students.

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