Learn Croatian in Zagreb this summer!

Enroll in Croatian Language Academy‘s Summer Program 2024 and experience the perfect summer blend of learning Croatian Language, enjoying our unique and exciting daily activities, and exploring Croatia on our whole day excursions.

[ * Last Minute Enrollments * ]

We are dedicated to working with small groups so the number of participants is limited! Make sure you reserve your seat on time, and join us for another fabulous summer of efficient learning, fun activities and great atmosphere.



    July 1st 2024. – July 12th 2024.
    Enrollments for the first cycle are closed!


    July 15th 2024. – July 26th 2024.
    – Last Minute Enrollments

    * participate in both cycles in continuity to get the Best Value Price!, or in either of the two week cycles separately.


    • Beginner (none or very little knowledge of Croatian)
    • Basic
    • Intermediate
    • Advanced

    * all non-beginner participants will be placed into groups matching their own language skills


    Croatian language classes
    on-site in our classrooms at Trg Francuske Republike 14, Zagreb

    “Chill and Practice” session
    on-site in our Chill area at Trg Francuske Republike 14, Zagreb

    Daily Socio-Cultural Immersion activities
        – indoor and outdoor at CLA and throughout Zagreb.

    Weekend excursions
        – organized exploration of various Croatian landmarks along with food tastings and other fun activities (transportation and meals included)

Special Promotions - Summer '24

  • 10%

    "Last Minute Enrollment"

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    Enroll to get the 10% Last Minute discount
    on the last remaining seats available!

  • BVP

    455,00€ - "Best Value Price"

    Save almost 400€!

    Get the "Best Value Price" by participating in both cycles of the Croatian Summer Program!

* Special Promotions for, and benefits from the Summer Program are not transferable to other CLA Courses and services, and vice versa.

Reservations and Enrollment

Croatian Summer Program '24

Learn Croatian / Experience Croatia / Enjoy the Summer

1st cycle / Jul. 1st - Jul 12th
2nd cycle / Jul. 13st - Jul 26th

Enroll now

* DROP-IN ENROLLMENTS after the cycle has started are possible for non-beginner levels during the first week of each cycle of the Croatian Summer Program, if there are available seats.


Each cycle includes:

  • 30 Croatian language classes / 3 per day
  • 20 moderated "Chill and Practice" periods / 2 per day
  • 30 hours of Socio Cultural Immersion activities / 5 per week
  • all course literature required for the course
  • access to CLA's online learning tools and materials
  • Certificate of course completion (if the 85% attendance required)
  • Free coffee, refreshments and small bites in our "Chill area"
  • Many opportunities for socializing and networking with fellow participants
  • Discounted accommodation prices and various benefits from CLA's partners

* Croatian Language level certificate can be acquired by taking an optional exam (written and oral)


  • Weekday schedule (Mon.-Fri.)

    • 08:15 – 09:00 – warm-up over coffee in our “Chill Area”
    • 09:00 – 11:30 – Croatian language lessons (3 x 45 min.)
    • 11:30 – 12:00 – take a break in our “Chill Area”
    • 12:00 – 13:30 – “Chill and Practice” session
      teacher consultations / self study / homework
    • afternoon –  Socio-Cultural Immersion activity (1,5h-2,5h)
  • Weekend schedule (Sat.)

    Excursions on July 6th and July 20th

    • 08:15 – meet up over coffee in our  “Chill Area”
    • 09:00 – departure from CLA center
    • 17:00 – return to CLA center (approx.)


    Certification exam on July 13th and July 27th

    • for those who need certificate of Croatian language knowledge by CERF standards,
    • exam consists of a 90 minute written exam and a 20 minute oral examination,
    • optional for all Croatian Summer Program participants (at an additional cost).

Croatian language course

The contents and the structure of the course aim to:

  • Develop verbal communication skills and strategies
  • Build and enable an active use of a wide vocabulary
  • Experience the most common social situations through role play
  • Develop reading and writing skills
  • Address individual grammar and pronunciation difficulties
  • Improving listening skills
  • Build confidence and skills for participating in discussions

By the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Use your Croatian language with greater confidence
  • Speak more accurately and fluently
  • Use a wider vocabulary
  • Socialize in a Croatian setting with confidence
  • Understand what you read and hear more easily

Learning in small groups

Years of experience have taught us that the best results in group learning come when the groups are small enough to allow the professor to address each student’s specific needs, while at the same being able to reap all the benefits of interactive conversational learning in group setting. 

That is why CLA’s Croatian Summer Program learning groups have:

    • a minimum of 5 participants,
    • a maximum of 9 participants.

* If the number of enrolled participants at the start of the course is under the required minimum, the group course cannot start under standard conditions. In such case CLA will offer a modified course for a smaller group with a modified number of lessons.

"Chill and Practice"

Key part of your language learning experience in the Summer Program takes place during the Chilll and Practice period.

In the “Chill and Practice” sessions you can: 

  • work on your short daily homework assignments
  • individually consult with the teachers
  • do additional work on specific topics and skills
  • practice speaking with your peers
  • socialize and relax in the chill area

* Free coffee, refreshments and small bites are available in the Chill area thought the day.

Socio Cultural Immersion Activities

Participating in  CLA’s daily Socio Cultural Immersion Activities gives you chance to aim to practice your skills outside of the classroom, meet new people, connect with existing networks in helping them to fully experience life in Croatia firsthand.

Daily Immersion Activities:

  • city walk&chat tours,
  • local food and drink tastings,
  • visits to cultural and historical landmarks,
  • fun indoor and outdoor language/culture workshops,
  • exciting quiz and games picnic in the park.




Each Croatian Summer Program cycle includes one whole day excursion.

Each excursion includes:

  • an experienced tour guide
  • premium van/bus transportation (with A/C)
  • tickets to all the venues and landmarks
  • local foods sampling
  • full 3 course lunch

* Friends and family can also join you on the excursion at an additional cost.



  • Excursion - July 6th 2024.

    July 6th 2024.

    Discover the beauty of North Croatia with one of the most lasting histories in the world. This picturesque hill region is a perfect insight into the Croatian history, nature and local gastronomy but also wine.

    KUMROVEC – Old Village Kumrovec, is a unique museum showing the authentic look of Zagorje villages, people’s way of life, as well as customs and crafts that were part of the everyday living. It is also the location of Tito s (former Yugoslavian president) birth house which is opened for visitors.

    KRAPINA – Scientifically known as Homo sapiens Neanderthalensis, the Krapina prehistoric man was discovered all the way back in 1899, when geological and paleontological research started on Hušnjakovo hill in Krapina – now you have to visit your long lost cousins who were living in this area about 125,000 years ago. The new Krapina Neanderthal Museum is a unique visiting complex.

    TRAKOŠĆAN – Imagine a castle! Did you? Yes, that is exactly how Trakošćan looks like! A beautiful, breathtaking fairy tale castle. The most attractive Croatian castle is sitting on a hilltop surrounded by a lake, looking over a gentle landscape of Croatian Zagorje. Inside, there is a museum with a permanent exhibition which will give you a perfect insight to a life in period of royals.



  • Excursion - July 20th 2024.

    In the quiet and picturesque Podravina region, where the river Drava shapes the local lifestyle, a town Đurđevac settled. People living there are also known as “Picoki” – brave people who using their wits scared off the Ottoman invasion and kept their freedom. Today it attracts visitors wiht its offering of unique attractions, interesting history and delicious traditional gastronomy.

    PODRAVINA  – The Visitors center Đurđevački pijesci is presenting all the peculiarities of the desert landscape and the richness of diversity of fauna and flora that lives on the sands, regardless of season and weather conditions using multimedia and augmented reality.

    CROATIAN SAHARA – Mini zoo is a unique tourist attraction where the phenomenon of naturally occurring sand dunes prompted the idea of bringing not so usual animal  residents  to Đurđevac. Along with other friendly domestic animals’ camels Tomica, Dina, Đurđica and Romeo welcome us.

    OLD TOWN ĐURĐEVAC – An unique medieval fortification and as such is the most important part of the cultural heritage of Đurđevac. Standing proudly from the 14th century today is the hope of city museum but also the restaurant with delicious traditional food of this region.


  • CLA Croatian Summer Program
    (price for each 2 week cycle:)

    650,00 € – REGULAR PRICE

    455,00 € – BEST VALUE PRICE*

    488,00 € – EARLY BIRD PRICE**

    Enrollment fee


    – Enrollment fee is used for reservation purposes
    – Enrollment fee is deducted from the overall course price
    – Enrollment fee applies to all courses
    – Enrollment fee is non refundable

* Best Value Price is only available if you enroll in both cycles of the program (4 weeks)
** Early Bird Price is only available if you enroll by a specific date


While CLA does not provide any accommodation services of our own, we have trusted partners that offer a variety of quality accommodation types, in the vicinity of CLA and with special discounts for all our program participants.

Book the best accommodation for the duration of your stay in Zagreb.

*Partner discounts will become available to you when your enrollment in the program has been completed.

Entry Visa and Temporary Stay in Croatia

If you are a foreign citizen who is required to attain an Entry Visa to enter Republic of Croatia, or you need to attain a student Temporary Stay Permit, you can find all the required information here :

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