January & February '23 - CLA Socio Cultural Activities

Speed up the development of your language skills by participating in the Socio-Cultural Activities program and have a great time while doing it. 


25.01.2023. – ZAGREB CITY MUSEUM

guided museum tour + coffee and chat @ Abesinija

Join us in the exploration of the history of Croatia’s capital in the Zagreb City Museum, founded in 1907 in the charming Upper Town by the Society of the Croatian Dragon. The Museum’s permanent exhibition will show you the past of the City of Zagreb from prehistory to present day and it will portray it in every important aspect, from history, politics, economics, architecture to art and everyday life. After the tour of the Museum we will sit and relax over a cup of coffee in a well known café bar Abesinija (formerly called Pod Starim Krovovima) where some of the scenes of the most popular Croatian film of all times, Tko pjeva, zlo ne misli, were filmed.


Sonja i bik” movie screening + popcorn and drinks @ CLA

Croatia has always been proud of its great movie scene, which makes a big part of our culture. One of the most successful films in the last 15 years was a comedy by Vlatka Vorkapić,  Sonja and the bull (Sonja i bik, 2012). The story centers on two people from different worlds – Sonja, a woman from Zagreb who is an activist fighting for animal rights and Ante, a dalmatian businessman whose father is a bull fight organizer. Their worlds suddenly connect during voting for the Law for animal protection, when Ante dares Sonja to stand in front of the bull.

Come spend your Wednesday with us while enjoying this modern classic and popcorn! Afterwards, we will also discuss the most important points of the film to understand it better.


guided museum tour + coffee and chat in Upper town

The Croatian Museum of Naïve Art, although small, houses a vast collection of unique Croatian naïve art. Founded in 1952 and located in the 18th century Raffay Palace in the Upper Town, it was the first museum in the world to be completely dedicated to Naïve art. The Naïve represents a special kind of 20th century work made by self-taught artists, mostly peasants, with no prior formal art training. However, their works have achieved both an original style and a high level of artistic value. Join us in this artistic journey that we will wrap up with a cup of a warm coffee in one of the local cafés.

15.01.2023. –  IN LOVE – IN CROATIAN

language workshop + fun discussion + drinks and snacks @CLA

LOVE IS A POWERFUL EMOTION … and there are many ways of showing it. Different cultures express love in different ways, and Croatian culture is no exception, especially when it comes to language. Also, all cultures have unique examples of interesting love stories and lovers.

Join us for a Valentine’s day special, where we will discuss all of those question, as well as some other (sweet talking in Croatian, giving compliments, discussing love subjects etc.)

Who can participate in CLA Socio-Cultural Activities?

Anyone currently learning Croatian at CLA can participate free of charge.

Is everything free of charge?

Additional individual costs like admission tickets, food or drinks need to be covered by each student individually.

Do I need to sign up for an activity?

Even though student participation in the activities is free, it is mandatory that you sign up at least a day in advance.

How do I sign up?

Inform your professor if you want to participate, and they will add you to the list.

Interested in something else?

Write to us if you want us to organize a specific type of activity.


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