March & April '23 - CLA Socio Cultural Activities

Speed up the development of your language skills by participating in the Socio-Cultural Activities program and have a great time while doing it. 



Mar. 08th 2023.
museum tour + coffee in Gornji Grad

Join us on a visit to Europe’s most innovative museum, Museum of Broken Relationships! The story is: when Croatian artists Olinka Vištica and Dražen Grubišić broke up in 2010, they were wondering what to do with all the souvenirs that were left and they came up with a perfect idea – to found a museum dedicated to them!  The collection consists of their own items, but also of thousands anonymous donations from ex-lovers worldwide who loved the concept of donating memories as a way to recovery from a broken heart. After checking out these objects and stories behind them, we will enjoy a cup of coffee on Gornji Grad and talk about our impressions.


Mar. 15th 2023.
impolite workshop + popcorn and drinks @ CLA

Is it a figure of speech or are they trying to insult you? Swear words might be a tricky part of a language, but one can’t do without them! Moreover, being able to properly curse in a language is a sign of a higher language skill. Knowing that Croatians have an extremely creative way of swearing, mastering this skill will help you master all levels of Croatian as well! Join our workshop dedicated to the art of cursing, come prepared, academically speaking!


Mar. 22th 2023.
“Što je muškarac bez brkova?” movie screening + popcorn and drinks @ CLA

Movies make an integral part of a culture of any language. Croatia is proud of its great actors and filmography and we are sure you will enjoy this treat we have prepared for you! Released in 2005, movie Što je muškarac bez brkova? (What is a man without a moustache?) is an untypical romantic comedy which portrays a young widow who falls in love with a local priest. Surprisingly, the feelings are mutual and the priest is forced to make a choice.

After the screening and lots of popcorn, we will discuss key points of the film!


Mar. 29th 2023.
“Oton Iveković retrospective” exhibit + drinks @ kavana “Lav”

Founded in 1982, the Klovićevi dvori gallery is one of the most important cultural institutions in Croatia and is well known for setting high quality exhibitions which are visited by thousands. Such is the case of a new project, Retrospective by Oton Iveković (1869-1939), a Croatian artist whose paintings remain the chief representations of Croatian history and were even shown at the World Exhibition in Paris. A graduate of Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, he later taught at the Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts. His work is of extreme importance for Croatian culture and identity, so join us in this wonderful exhibition where you will witness the key moments from Croatian history!


Apr. 05th 2023.
tour of Grič tunnel + Dolac market + štrukle tasting

Spring Wednesdays are made for walking around town, but they are even better when some snacks are included! Come spend your Wednesday with us and take a walk on the Zagreb side. We will start from a mysterious 350 m long tunnel Grič which will lead us to Dolac, where you will practice your Croatian skills and maybe even try bargaining with Zagreb’s kumice! After Dolac, we will enjoy one of Croatia’s most famous snacks, štrukle in a small restaurant specialized just for this dish – La Štruk.

Who can participate in CLA Socio-Cultural Activities?

Anyone currently learning Croatian at CLA can participate free of charge.

Is everything free of charge?

Additional individual costs like admission tickets, food or drinks need to be covered by each student individually.

Do I need to sign up for an activity?

Even though student participation in the activities is free, it is mandatory that you sign up at least a day in advance.

How do I sign up?

Inform your professor if you want to participate, and they will add you to the list.

Interested in something else?

Write to us if you want us to organize a specific type of activity.


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