October '22 - CLA Socio Cultural Activities

Croatian activities 10/22

Speed up the development of your language skills by participating in the Socio-Cultural Activities program and have a great time while doing it. 


12.10.2022. – ART IN KVART

Guided art walk through our neighborhood + mingle over coffee @ Tuškanac

Discover some of the hidden art gems in the western part of Zagreb’s city center. Join us on a short guided walk that will take you to some beautiful lesser known spots, and afterwards we’ll wrap up our experience by a meet up over coffee and cakes at Tuškanac.


“Demonstration Cabinet of Nikola Tesla” + Permanent exhibit + drinks

Explore Tesla’s world changing inventions in a hands-on demonstration (for the brave) at the museum. Roam through the many interesting technical innovations from the past that are part of the permanent exhibit of Zagreb’s technical museum. We will vote on what was most exciting over coffee afterwards.


Guided tour of the M.J.Z. apartment + a walk through Dolac market + coffee and snacks

We are taking you on a tour of a very special apartment which overlooks the Dolac market. Once being the residence of Marija Jurić Zagorka, a well-known early 20th century writer, journalist and a fighter for women’s human rights, this beautiful apartment will open your eyes to what life in Zagreb was like a 100 years ago. After the guided tour we will go down through the Dolac market and wrap up the day over some contemporary drinks and maybe a snack or two that we picked up on the way.


A ride to Novi Zagreb + MSU museum tour + drinks and chat

Experience the shiniest jewel among Zagreb’s museum, MSU,  always new, constantly changing yet solid and firm in its presence. We will take you on a ride to Novi Zagreb where this meandering architectural masterpiece serves as the beating heart of Croatian contemporary art. To let our thoughts and emotions settle, we’ll wrap up the experience with a chat at the wonderful museum café.

09.11.2022. –  ZAGREB’S AUTHORS WALK

A guided tour through the city center + mingle over coffee

Krleža, Matoš, Zagorka, Šenoa, these authors wrote the tale of Zagreb, and for that they earned to have their statues placed in the city center. Conveniently, visiting their statues makes for a wonderful walk though the city center. Along the way, we’ll visit some of the spots they frequented themselves, and enjoy the day over coffee and cakes.


Who can participate in CLA Socio-Cultural Activities?

Anyone currently learning Croatian at CLA can participate free of charge.

Is everything free of charge?

Additional individual costs like admission tickets, food or drinks need to be covered by each student individually.

Do I need to sign up for an activity?

Even though student participation in the activities is free, it is mandatory that you sign up at least a day in advance.

How do I sign up?

Inform your professor if you want to participate, and they will add you to the list.

Interested in something else?

Write to us if you want us to organize a specific type of activity.


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