September '22 - CLA Socio Cultural Activities

Speed up the development of your language skills by participating in the Socio-Cultural Activities program and have a great time while doing it. 


Lotrščak tower  visit + Walk around Upper Town + drinks

Enjoy a stroll through Zagreb’s old downtown on the way to Lotrščak tower. Experience the best view of the city from one of the highest points of the Upper Town. This guided tour ends with a BANG from Zagreb’s most famous cannon at noon. After the tour we will relax over a cold drink and chit-chat in one of the many cafes in the Upper Town.

14.09.2022. – LET’S PLAY BELA
Traditional card game “Bela” workshop + refreshments

Bela workshops are always fun! Regardless of whether you are an experienced player or this is the first time you play? This fascinating, simple and competitive game is deeply rooted in Croatian culture. Friendships and families are formed and broken over a right or a wrong move, so be sure to join us and learn all the bela tricks!

21.09.2022. –  “HNK” BEHIND THE SCENES
Tour of the Croatian National Theater + coffee at Kavkaz

Step into the beautiful world of teatre magic. This tour offers a unique ability to explore how theater plays are brought to existence. Explore the ins and outs of one the most beautiful 19th century buildings in Zagreb. After the tour the we’ll take you to the theater caffee Kavkaz where all the actors, musicians and dancers meet after their performances.

An active tour of Dolac market + štrukle tasting

The Dolac farmer’s market is the beating heart of Zagreb. We’ll take you through the outside and the inside areas of the market as well as give you some tips on what delicacies can only be found here. If your stomach starts growling after seeing all the tasty food on display, we have you covered! You’ll get a chance to learn what traditional “štrukli” are, and more importantly, you’ll get to try them!

Who can participate in CLA Socio-Cultural Activities?

Anyone currently learning Croatian at CLA can participate free of charge.

Is everything free of charge?

Additional individual costs like admission tickets, food or drinks need to be covered by each student individually.

Do I need to sign up for an activity?

Even though student participation in the activities is free, it is mandatory that you sign up at least a day in advance.

How do I sign up?

Inform your professor if you want to participate, and they will add you to the list.


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