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Group courses are dynamic in their nature, and students have a chance to meet new friends with whom they share the great experience of learning Croatian at CLA.

Besides the standard teaching methods, CLA uses various additional materials and techniques, such as audio and video materials, guest teachers that specialized in specific fields, conversation guests in order for the student to have a chance to practice and master their Croatian language skills.

The Intensive Croatian (morning) course  is intended and recommended for people who want to learn as much Croatian as possible in a short period of time.

Standard Croatian (evening) courses are designed for people who live, work or study in Zagreb and have daytime committments but are keen to develop their Croatian language skills.

Individual courses are especially tailored to the needs of the student. For each student an individual course program is created based on the results of the ‘interests and needs survey’ and ‘personal learning style analysis’. We find it very important that from the very start the course goals are determined in order for the lessons to be as much focused as possible. Because it is focused, in an individual course the students can learn the language and reach their desired level of competency at a fastest possible pace.

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