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Learning Croatian

About Croatian language

Croatian language (hrvatski jezik) is a South Slavic language which is used primarily by the inhabitants of Croatia and Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina and parts of the Croatian diaspora…. more

Learning Croatian at CLA

Find out why CLA offers the best results in teaching Croatian as foreign language…. more

About Croatia

Croatia is a state in the middle Europe, in mediterranean zone, placed between Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina, with coast on the Adriatic sea. Total surface 87.661 km2, mainland 56.564 km2. Capital city is Zagreb…. more

About Zagreb

Throughout history till nowadays First original settlement that carried the name of Zagreb lied on left bank of Medveščak stream. It enters history in 1094, when hungarian king Ladislav founded first diocese in it…. more

Useful Phrases

A few phrases that will come in handy if you find your self in Croatia…. more

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