Our outings

Our students’ afternoon outings have a tendency to extend well into the evening. Evening activities are very popular b...

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A sweet day at Chocofest

A sweet event in the heart of Zagreb visited annually by our students of Croatian. Indulge in delicious chocolate and en...

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Exhibition, cinema or theater

Our CLA students and their teachers always keep up with the current events in Zagreb during their courses. We visit gall...

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Museum of Broken Relationships

This world-famous museum that tours around the world has its home address in Zagreb. This is our most popular activity w...

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A Walk Around Zagreb

Have a lovely walk while practicing old and learning new Croatian vocabulary, having friendly conversations with the loc...

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Museum of Contemporary Art

A little bit of contemporary art mixed with an excellent program always results in a cheerful atmosphere. Join us for th...

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Funicular Ride

The funicular ride to Zagreb’s Upper Town is short, but sweet. Why would anybody use the stairs when you can have a ni...

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Completion of our courses is always celebrated in one of our school’s favorite cafés. These events are always filled ...

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Zagreb ZOO

Walking slowly through wonderful Maksimir park, you get to visit shelters of our dear neighbors. The zoo hides a lot of ...

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