Advent in Zagreb

During the Advent season, Zagreb becomes a place of lights, feast, and merriment. Prepare to immerse yourself in genuine...

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Memorial Apartment of Marija Jurić Zagorka

Who was Marija Jurić Zagorka and why does everybody know everything about her? Where did she live and what does her apa...

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Technical museum

A museum which is becoming more popular with each passing year and a true gem among Zagreb’s museums. Here you will ge...

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Zagreb restaurants

What is Croatian cuisine like? Are there traditional restaurants in Zagreb? What do Croats eat? How to order in Croatian...

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Coffee & chat

If your plan on coming to Croatia to learn the language and meet the locals, you have to start liking coffee fast. Croat...

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Our outings

Our students’ afternoon outings have a tendency to extend well into the evening. Evening activities are very popular b...

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A sweet day at Chocofest

A sweet event in the heart of Zagreb visited annually by our students of Croatian. Indulge in delicious chocolate and en...

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Exhibition, cinema or theater

Our CLA students and their teachers always keep up with the current events in Zagreb during their courses. We visit gall...

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Museum of Broken Relationships

This world-famous museum that tours around the world has its home address in Zagreb. This is our most popular activity w...

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